Hello everyone. I’ve been playing Fifa series since 98 and ultimate team for last 3 years. I’ve played with many players from various leagues and I’m now capable of giving some advice. In this game,

  • Rating of a player doesn’t mean everything most of the time
  • Pace means a lot especially on Fifa 19
  • Team harmony, chemistry and positions of the players are important
  • You can come back anytime and lose from 3-0 ahead
  • Patience is the key
  • You should find your key players in every zone of the pitch
  • Formations, custom tactics and your style of playing tip the balance

First of all, I’m an attack minded player but likes to defend as well. So while attacking, I advice you not to forget about your defending zone. If you play with 5 defenders, your defence will be solid as rock but you may have less positions while attacking. Remember that, if you drop back too much, it will invite your opponent to near your goal area. Balance is the key and you can drop back after you find the net a few times to secure your lead. With that balance mantality, you are in the game as much as your opponent but of course your defence is weaker than you play with 5 defenders. Anyway, you should find the best formation that suits your style of playing and your players by trying most of them and it’ll take some time. Be patient and try to find your formation. Then, you should tweak something inside your formation. Think about your players and their capabilities. Think about counter attacks you can have and your opponents can have. Consider your players pace, strength, skills, stamina and work rates! Again, your custom tactics will mean a lot and you have to find the best one by trying many tweaks.

Don’t forget to have b and c plans. If you are losing, you have to find a way to score. That’s your plan b. The formation, custom tactics and maybe some players should be changed. Same is valid for the plan c: you have a big lead! The opponent may show some reactions and thanks to the momentum issue, he/she can find a few goals suddenly. To avoid from that scenario, you may think about dropping back and try to keep the ball in your opponent’s zone by counter attacks. Be patient, don’t give up trying different schemes.

All right, after these basic suggestions, let me share some players whom I’m pleased to have. My club’s name is GLORYTOWN and I’ve 2 actual squads. This post will include the players from my Bundesliga squad. These are the players tested for about 50 matches. So I’m sure they are the right players for my style of playing, my formation and tactics. Let me introduce them to you:

Lukáš Hrádecký

One of the best goalkeepers in Bundesliga. A must have one.

Nico Schulz

Fast as cheetah, crosses well. He is a hardworking player and enough for defending as well as attacking. I play 4-1-2-1-2(2) formation nowadays and don’t use any wingers so my key players for wide attacks are my backs. Schulz is a solid player, he won’t let you down.

Abdou Diallo

There are of course better rated players on the transfer market but Diallo is a very good defender for your defence line. His strong foot is left and you should play him on the left of center.

Manuel Akanji

Solid as rock. I can’t find another word to define him. A must have one. When you have Diallo and Akanji in your match line up two in one; you are fast as your opponent’s strikers in the defence line but remember, pace is not everything. There are different center backs who may have better defending skills but they may also be weaker in terms of pace. This is my choice of starting and I love them, they save the day.

Łukasz Piszczek

Not negoitable. One of the best right backs from Bundesliga. Runs fast, crosses well, defends like a wall.

Jean-Philippe Gbamin

A good player for his position. Not the best but saves the day.

Renato Sanches

Well, well, well. If you see someone on the market with 75 rating, you probably glance away. But hold on, this guy deserves much. Very much. Renato Sanches is one of my favourite players in Fifa 19 with his attributes. His work rates seem high/high and it says something about his energy. He goes for a goal then turns back for defending. He does this many times in a match. Very energetic and strong. For me, he is a must have.

Marcel Sabitzer

Well, well, well. This is number 2. He is the shining star of my squad. Work rates seem high/high and you know something about that. He is a really hardworking player. He has endless stamina and that makes him a player with inexhaustible energy. Although he is a CAM player, I play him at CM mostly. A must have one. The captain!

Leon Goretzka

He is actually a CM player but I’ve changed his position into CAM. I think he is way better at this position. Work rates are high/high and yes, he is damn hardworking player.

Mark Uth

Finishing 85, positioning 83, shot power 85, long shots 84 and a his strong foot is left. Don’t let the ratings deceive you. This man has enough skills for a striker.

Timo Werner

He is the best striker in my both squads regarding his statistics. He is a well-rounded striker and it means you can use him when you push or when you play possession game. A must have one.

Ralf Fährmann

A great goalkeeper. He may surprise you at most of the one on one positions. Great reflexes. Forget about Baumann. Fährmann is way better than him.

David Abraham

Considerable defender as a substitute.

Nordi Mukiele

Another substitute alternative but this time, a really fast one. He has high/high work rates. A must have one.

Benjamin Pavard

He has way better defending skills than both Abraham and Mukiele. So you may consider him first as a substitute. 84 interceptions, 83 marking, 80 standing tackle, 81 sliding tackle. Great stats.

Salif Sané

He is a wall while he stands. Slower but stronger version of Pavard. 83 interceptions, 88 heading, 90 standing tackle, 88 strength. A must have one.

Philipp Max

He is very good at attacking and that’s why I choose him for my squad. He crosses brilliantly and crossing value for his card shows 90. Sprint speed 85, curve 80, stamina 85. Saves the day. Brilliantly.

Daniel Caligiuri

I use this special card of him but the usual one has 80 ratings. Not much difference. His stamina is 86, crossing 87, curve 81, dribbling 82. Very good player in general.

Thomas Delaney

I like to play with leader players and that’s why I have him in my squad. Delaney’s stats are just below 80 in almost every category. That makes him very balanced player. Not a star, but a leader. Composure value shows 82 and his stamina is 92. A real box-to-box midfielder. Ah, I don’t want to leave this unsaid. His workrates are high/high. That matters much.

Armindo Tué Na Bangna

Hola, amigo! 94 acceleration, 91 sprint speed, 93 agility, 90 balance, 83 ball control, 87 dribbling, 81 shot power. He is a great attacker. A must have one.

Jean-Kévin Augustin

A real reaction player. When he comes from the bench, he usually scores. With the stats of 81 positioning, 82 finishing, 85 acceleration, 87 sprint speed and 81 dribbling, he means much more than his rating. A must have one.

Kevin Volland

If you see a left-footed striker with high/high work rates and you see his rating is 81 you probably want to buy him. His key skills are really good like 81 finishing, 85 shot power, 88 stamina, 82 strength, 84 balance, 81 ball control, 81 short passing and more. Well-rounded player.

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