Do you have a baby? Or maybe you have a precious place to watch. If you are searching for access level security cameras or applications, you should have a look at this app: Baby Monitor 3G

The App works both on Android and iOS. You just have to buy this app on at least two of your devices. One for the baby station (the transmitter) and the other one is for the parent station (the receiver).

It’s very cheap in terms of these kind of baby monitor stuff out there. You may buy a complete device set which will do the same thing exactly by paying tens of Dollars more. Or, you may buy this App twice and that’s it. You’re all set.

The device works both over WiFi and 3G. If your both devices are connected to the same router, then no need to worry about your data security. The App connects with the server  only to verify that your devices are still on the same network. If there is a problem on the network and you set that up before, devices continue to run over 3G and in that case, your data -of course-  is being transmitting over the App’s servers.

You can watch the live image transiently or you can just wait for the notifications. With the ability of watching live image all the time as a live broadcast, the app may serve as a basic security cam. Ok, it doesn’t have a night vision feature (which actually changes the display to monochrome on some devices) so you need at least a low light environment.

But it has some nice features like talking from the parent device towards the speakers of the baby device. So your baby can hear your voice when s/he is awake. You can also turn on the flashlight of baby station from your parent station. Also, the parent station shows the battery level of the baby station. I can say that the sound capturing ability of the App is great and also it is adjustable. You can also adjust the resolution, brightness and some other things. There is a chance to watch baby device from more than one device.

The App is highly recommended. Have nice&safe days with your baby.

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