Ok, this time I’m gonna publish a contrary list to this. I haven’t used every flavor but this list will be updated as far as I vape. Again, the list below shows flavors which DON’T contain alcohol. But for good measure, you should check the producers’ websites before buying just in case of any updates on the products.

Watermelon Flavor
Strawberry (Ripe)
DX Banana Cream
DX Cinnamon Danish
Black Honey
Kiwi (Double)
DX Hazelnut
Green Apple
Turkish Flavor
Pineapple Flavor
— (haven’t tasted yet)
DX Graham Cracker
Cantaloupe Flavor

RY4 Double (tasted but.. well maybe not for my taste.)


Black Fire

Seven Leaves

Forest Fruit


Apple Pie (haven’t tasted yet)

Coffee Espresso (haven’t tasted yet)

Maxx Blend (haven’t tasted yet)

Virginia (haven’t tasted yet)

Tuscan Reserve (haven’t tasted yet)

Mad Fruit (haven’t tasted yet)

Cuban Supreme (haven’t tasted yet)

Cigar Passion (haven’t tasted yet)

Strawberry (haven’t tasted yet)

Shade (haven’t tasted yet)

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