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Welcome to Montreal’s Travel Blog! My name is Joanna and I will be your story teller. By trade, I am a professional photographer, travel writer & content creator from Montreal, Canada. This blog is my story. It grows and it changes with me.

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe in working “hard” to travel. I don’t believe in forcing things either. I believe in working passionately! I did get a lucky break when I was a kid, I travelled with my parents. Then, when I was a teenager, I got a job offer in Switzerland thanks to my best-friend. When I got even older, I was invited by a friend to spend a week with her in Prince-Edward Island. Then I began this blog. Every year, life goes on and the adventures simply continue! Don’t get me wrong, I had my heartaches in this life, but they didn’t have to do with finding a way to travel. I truly believe it was meant to be.

I am always open for collaborations and to serve you in the best way that I can. Therefore, if you are visiting Montreal and I happen to be in town, don’t be shy to e-mail me at

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Someone once told me to set a goal so big, it would blow my mind if I ever achieved it. So I did.

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